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NEW YEAR....2008....I'm not sure I've finished with 2007 yet, but I'm game

It's New Years Eve. NEW YEARS EVE!!! The end of 2007! The last day of the worst year of my life! The longest year of my life....and I still think it went way too fast.

However, it's finishing as it began....poorly. My gorgeous old car - the one I decided to keep after downsizing my collection from 5 to 1, decided to have a hissy fit 30 miles from home and on our way to lunch at my dearest, oldest friends home. Bugger!!! Front suspension totally gave seems, I was right when I told our mechanic 3 months ago that the accumulator sphere needed regassing and, lo and behold, the last day of 2007 was day it decided to drop it's bundle. Double Bugger!! What a pity our mechanic didn't listen to me.....grrr

But enough of that. It's almost over, only 23 and half hours to go and I can have a celebratory glass of something fizzy and kiss the whole thing goodbye.

So, it's the middle of the night, coolish (that's terrific) and the wind is literally blowing a gale outside fit to rip the fillings out of your teeth. I love's kind of exciting. Yeah, I know - and I'm kind of weird. The Poinciana trees are denuded of seed pods now and are dropping branches everywhere. We filled a whole laundry basket with pods this afternoon and I'm guessing we'll fill the back of the Ute with them and the branches that have dropped tonight. It's such a shame because they're all in flower (for those who don't know, Poinciana's are a large Sth American tree. Up to 6m tall with a canopy up to 15metres and with bright tangerine flowers in Spring/Summer. We've got a monster one in the back yard - 8m high and 15m canopy - and a medium sized (half grown, 4m x 6m) out the front. It's a pity they're bare in winter, but then the Tibouchina's are in flower. I love my trees and shrubs.

God I'm boring!

Okay, it's now 22hrs 58 minutes to 2008 and I've waffled on long enough. Fluffy (the bald 1 of my 2 Devon Rex's) has come to tell me I've ignored him long enough and he requires cuddles NOW, so I'd better go - he's 2 kilos of pure bully when it comes to hugs.

My love to you all and hope you have a wonderful 2008 filled with your hearts desire.

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